The first trailer of Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok actually opens with the Norse god of thunders hanging chain-bounded with a voiceover “I know what you’re thinking”, pause, “How did this happen?”. Thor, we know you’re smart and everything but you’re wrong this time. What we’re actually thinking is ‘Is this a joke!? In a Thor movie?’ which is closely followed by ‘Wait, what! Is that a Led Zeppelin song?’. Yes, the Thor Ragnarok trailer begins with the classic rock riff ‘Immigrant Song’ by Led Zeppelin.

Thor is one of the earliest instalments of Marvel and it has revolutionarily introduced people to Marvel’s non-earthbound superheroes. Thor does not have the political intrigue like Captain America or the rich swag of Iron Man, he’s just a phenomenally handsome god with a hammer, you know? Well the new trailer gives Thor a whole new look and a whole new story. And in the new journey, the Norse hammer god is not alone, he gets to get along with Marvel staunches like Loki and Hulk and two newbies Valkyrie and Hela, technically Marvel’s first primary female villains.

Thor movies have always been action-loaded and had a godly, like literally godly story-line but they have always lacked one crucial thing: humour. Sure there were titbits of funny lines scattered here in there in movies, but with The Dark World, things got a little bit too serious. But seems like Thor will be stepping in the quirky-town, especially the gladiator face-off with Hulk when Thor to the surprise of all the audience hoots a good-loud “Yesss!” and says “We know each other! He’s a friend from work!”. That surely made me laugh for real.

All of sudden, the Thor teaser isn’t just tolerable but is straight-up exciting! This is the magic of Marvel; you know Marvel who deconstructed CinemaScore so many times that it can turn “Ant Man” into half-billion-dollar odyssey! So MCU is basically capable of doing anything in terms of cinema and they are really good at knowing what we, the audience want to see on screens. Wait for November to watch the revamped Thor movie because we are waiting, desperately.