The navigation nowadays is not precise and accurate as the true north pole is drifting away from its original position. The release of reports is stating that from last few decades the earth’s magnetic north pole is drifting its coordinates and differs from those predicted by scientists in the past.

Maintaining a drift rate of around 55 km, the coordinates have crossed international date line in 2017 and has left the Canadian Arctic, far up to 2300 km and headed its way off to Siberia. The satellite-based GPS navigation is an aid for the commuters, airliners and for every other field of operation but they do rely on the north pole as a backup for navigation. The matter is a serious concern for the Airport Authorities as they rely on north pole for naming the runways on basis of their direction towards magnetic north. The US and the UK update the coordinates of the north pole every five years but this time it has come early.

The turbulence in earth’s outer liquid core has speed-up the drift rate from 15 kmph to 55 kmph.  Daniel Lathrop of University of Maryland geophysicist says that there is a hot fluid puddle of iron and nickel in the planet’s core where the motion triggers an electric field. However, the magnetic south is slow on the move. Earth’s magnetic field is getting weak and has made researchers quote it to eventually flip around like a bar magnet, changing their polarity; an event not witnessed since the last 780,000 years.

The scientists are guessing about a thousand or more years for the “coin flip” of poles and have quoted that an area above South Atlantic is already inverted underneath earth’s facade. The migration and flight of birds in air or spacecraft in space are also likely to be affected. Effects on the living and the natural terrain is to be observed in the near future as the drifting of magnetic poles meddles the magnetic field that shields the earth from several precarious radiation and outer-space effusions.