The United Nations just rolled out a report that Earth’s protective ozone layer is healing from the damage caused humanly activities and the holes are actually shrinking down.

The ozone layer protects us from the ultraviolet rays in direct sunlight, which can lead to skin cancer and crop damages. The ozone layer is a colourless combination of three oxygen atoms that are spread around the globe at a 40 kilometers height from the surface. However, the humanly activity releases humongous amount disruptive gases and the worst of them is the chlorofluorocarbons aka CFCs harms the protective layer and has created huge holes and endangering lives of the entire earth.

So since most damaging element of the ozone layer is chlorofluorocarbons, in 1987, the Montreal Protocol was formed under which, countries all over the world decided to completely end the use of CFCs in all forms.  Years later, the latest report by the United Nations says that the reduced use of CFCs might have led the healing of the layer. The study says that ozone layer above the Northern Hemisphere could be completely healed by the year 2030 if we move at the same pace, while the Southern Hemisphere might take a little longer, and should be healed by 2050.

This is an achievement itself because if this recovery wouldn’t have happened, we would have seen pretty much damage to our mother earth. According to the study, 66% of the world would have been destroyed by 2065, if we hadn’t cared enough. But with the precautions, the ozone layer was increasing about 1 to 3 percent every year since 2000 and although we have not reached the goal yet, we are progressing with the achievement. We are only at a point where recovery may have started, and there’s a lot to recover for the ozone layer in the upcoming years, but it is a good start indeed.