It is tough to believe that there are only a few days left for La Liga but what is not hard to believe is that Real Madrid and Barcelona are the only two teams who can still win the La Liga 2017 title. It looks that Real Madrid is on the verge of winning the long-awaited title.

Real Madrid are likely to win the first La Liga title in five years on Sunday as they hold a three-point lead over Barcelona. Whereas the Barca need to beat Eibar to have any chance of a back-to-back third title under the eyes of outgoing coach Luis Enrique at the Camp Nou. So the current standings are – Real Madrid with 90 points and Barcelona lagging right behind with 87 points. So for the Los Blancos to win, they will have to win or draw with Malaga and also if Barca fail to beat Eibar. And for the Catalan giants to win, they will have to send Eibar home and win over Madrid too.

Madrid have edged sharply towards the title by beating Sevilla and Celto Vigo in past week with the good-oh-so-good double scores by Cristiano Ronaldo in both games. But there is a lot to go right for Barca to win too. Yet again, Real is the clear-cut (and very favourite) but this is one hell of a game and football is one magical sport where anything can happen.

However, having lost just three league games all season it would be a huge shock if 11th-placed Malaga denied Madrid at the final hurdle. But the same applied for Barcelona too against Eibar. Who will win the La Liga? The Los Blancos or the Catalan giants? Only Sunday can tell that.