Rescue convoys have rushed to save the survivors of 8.2 magnitude earthquake at southern coast of Mexico; it is the strongest earthquake of century which hit Mexican Pacific Coastal area on Thursday might, reportedly killing 61 people.

Late on Thursday night, Mexico’s southern coast was trembled by disastrous earthquake and left the entire southern area with unbelievable rumble that seemed like apocalyptic destruction.  Houses, churches and schools were turned into rubbles of dust and debris, burying anything and anyone under it. Police caravans, soldier convoys and flocks of emergency workers rushed in on Friday at southern areas of Mexico, which has hit by the hardest quake of century. Reports of 61 fatalities have already been declared, while the rescue operation is still under progress and sadly, the number might increase.

The epicentre of this massive earthquake was measured to be at depth of 33 km and a distance of 96 km from the coastal town of Pijijiapan in the southern state of Chiapas. The dreadful 8.2 magnitude has affected at least 50 million people in 12 states, among which Juchitan, in the southern state of Oaxaca is the worst-hit city. Electricity was cut off for about 20 minutes, but it was soon restored – not adding to already immense sufferings faced by the residents. The eerily quiet streets of Mexican cities were covered under rubbles of buildings, roofs, electric cables – a sight of mass destruction and nothing else.

As per emergency workers, hundreds are still trapped under the debris of buildings and immediate rescue operations are required to stop any fatalities from occurring. Mexico is still bracing up to face Hurricane Katie which has strengthened to a Category Two storm as it rumbled towards the state of Veracruz on the Gulf coast.  A hurricane right after a deadly earthquake would hit the country deeply but rescuers are making sure to get everyone safe and move them to safer zones if necessary – providing them immediate humanitarian assistance.