Humans are incredible in their own ways and sometimes we do really encounter magic trapped in a human body. Rajani pandit, the desi Sherlock, is one such lady.

Considered to be the first ever private detective in India, born and brought up in Maharashtra, the 50 year old detective has solved more than 80,000 cases, has written two books, also won countless awards and been interviewed and featured by many news channels, and calls herself a homegrown, desi Sherlock. Maybe it was in her genes because Rajani Pandit’s father has also served for CID, but the funny thing being, even he didn’t know about his daughter shaping herself as a detective. An Instagram page, @theofficialhumansofbombay has narrated her story in her own words and it’s unbelievably the most incredible story you’ll read today.

Talking about her first experience with investigation, Rajani told that she solved her first case at the age of 22, when she was still in her college. While working as a part-time office clerk during her first year of college, a woman who worked with her, told her about the thefts occuring frequently in her house. The woman was suspecting her daughter-in-law, but had no solid proof against her. Rajani, offered to investigate as she was a curios person since forever, and had learnt the art of thorough investigation from her dad. She just kept up a watch across the street and found out the lady’s son to be the thief. Then the word went round the world and she was approached by so many people to solve their cases.

Knowing all the dangers and pitfalls of her job, Rajani still decided to be dedicated to her job. She says that she has married her job, and never even had a thought or desire of starting a family of her own. The one incident that caught everyone’s attention to the lady detective was, when she stayed as an undercover agent in the house of a suspected murderer, that too as a maid. This was a double murder case and one of her toughest challenges. For gathering sufficient evidence of a double murder case, she went undercover as a maid and lived with thr suspect.

She had already gained the trust of her in a short time, but the odds were somehow against her and once, during utter silence, her recorder made a click sound. That’s when the lady of the house was a bit sceptical about her and refrained her from going out at all. But one day, the hitman who she hired, himself was visiting the lady, and Rajani found out an escape. She cut her own foot with knife and told her that she needed some bandaids. Grabbing the chance she ran away, called up the client to come over with police. Thus both the lady and the hitman were arrested.

This is how the desi Sherlock has written her own unique story by herself. So what makes you think that you can’t make your dreams come true!?