Jaguar’s first compact SUV has just made its debut, but not just with a regular launch event! The compact SUV performed a record-breaking barrel roll and glided itself in the pages of Guinness World Records, because it is Jaguar, it has to be loud.

Remember the iconic car barrel roll in James Bond’s The Man with The Golden Gun, when Roger Moore flipped over a broken bridge in the AMC Hornet? Yes, you do, we all do, because it was the most iconic car stunt performed in any movie, ever. Bond’s car barrel roll was the most insanely dangerous car stunt and it was also the first car stunt planned using computer modelling. Over the time, there has been hell lot of barrel roll attempts and records, but after over 40 years, Jaguar’s compact SUV had attempted to bring back the iconic barrel roll during the UK launch event last week.

Automobile, being one of the most competitive markets in the world compels automakers to come up with innovative gimmicks to make their products stand out, and with this outstanding barrel roll, the Jaguar E Pace has marked its debut LOUD. With a run-up of 160 metres before making the 15.3 metre jump in the air, off a 270-degree corkscrew-like barrel roll, the E Pace booked itself a world record in Guinness World Record for the “Furthest Barrel Roll in a Production Vehicle”. The stunt was performed by Terry Grant, who has performed various car stunts in movies and has 22 Guinness World Records to his name.

The video is surely spectacular and thrilling to watch but the situation inside the car cabin would rather be heart-stopping. So hopefully we never see ourselves or anyone in the position of trying out the barrel roll in real life, but it is just amazing, knowing that if we will have to on some doomed day, we can. The record is pretty dazzling cool too and it is not just the world record, but the car is actually freaking amazing and just in case if you don’t know the specs about the car and want to be awestruck, watch this video. Amazement assured.

And just in case if you are wondering, Jaguar E Pace will be launched in 2018 and the estimated round-off price will be around Rs 50 lakh.