Remember Hyperloop One – the ultra-fast magnetically propelled floating pods which can move at the speed of 760 mph? Yes, the Elon Musk-led SpaceX project; they are proposed Europe’s first Hyperloop plan with three routes. London-Edinburgh will take just 50 minutes!

Elon Musk’s train-in-a-vacuum-tube idea has spread its spurs to the European routes as SpaceX has proposed 9 routes across Europe. These routes will join the previously outlined 11 routes in US. The Hyperloop One pods can travel at the speed of 760 mph which is approximately 1200 kilometres per hour of speed, that is like a near-supersonic rail transit! Till now, just a small test track has been constructed but the company says that it will have more than 500 employees working on the technology, which it claims offers a clean alternative to long-distance road travel or flights, by the end of 2017.

The nine European routes selected by Hyperloop One as semi-finalists are:

  • Corsica-Sardinia, 280 miles
  • Estonia-Finland, 56 miles
  • Germany, 1237 miles
  • Poland, 415 miles
  • Spain-Morocco, 391 miles
  • The Netherlands, 266 miles
  • London-Edinburgh, 414 miles
  • Liverpool-Glasgow, 339 miles
  • Cardiff-Glasgow, 657 miles

Out of nine, three routes are planned for UK and one of the proposed routes – the London to Edinburgh track via Birmingham and Manchester will transit passengers and cargo in just 50 minutes! The same journey takes approximately 1 hour 20 minutes by plane, 4 hours 20 minutes by train and 7 to 8 hours by car, non-stop.


Hyperloop One layout: London to Edinburgh

If Hyperloop One becomes a reality, which it will someday soon, it will change the way we transport goods and ourselves. It can become an absolutely eco-friendly, smoke free, carbon free, super speedy and super cheap medium of transportation. And who knows, it could be the world’s only positive, sustainable mean of transit.