In an abrupt statement, US President Donald Trump claims that the American military has “defeated ISIS” insurgency group in civil war-torn Syria and has ordered complete withdrawal of the US Army from Syria.

Just a week ago, US-led coalition including the Kurdish groups in Syria denied any plans of pulling out from the war-torn nation. Evidently, the POTUS have overruled the military, citing that they have “defeated ISIS” in the country, which was the only purpose for deploying armies in Syria. Official reports suggest that Trump has ordered the US military troops to completely withdraw from Syria and some 2000 US troops are now working on following the presidential orders and will return their home nation, ending the campaign to retake territory once held by ISIS terrorists.

Although Trump claims that “After historic victories against ISIS” and that it is “time to bring our great young people home”, the decision of immediate withdrawal from Syria is seen as the US’ undermined diplomatic efforts in ensuring peace in Syria. Fellow Republicans have criticised the decision as it pulling out will give a loose hand to the Russian-Iran armies who strongly support Syrian President Bashar al Assad’s regime. The US’ withdrawal will also mean that the Kurdish and Arab armies, which have been most effective against the ISIS will be exposed to possible insurgencies.


The announcement of US troops’ homecoming is also cited as a major victory for Turkey, who has been pushing the US to get out of the way from pursuing the Kurds in northern Syria. As of now, the army seems to be working on returns, but “they stand ready to re-engage at all levels to defend American interests whenever necessary”. For India, this decision brings out the looming concerns of Trump giving out orders to the US troops return from Afghanistan.