Known to be one of the best and most peaceful cities to live India, Hyderabad has managed to keep to the mark with its tag of goodness as the city has come up with a new idea for a noble cause – building a ‘Wall of Kindness’ where people can leave things for the needy.

A huge part of our population still lives under poverty and are struggling to even get a morsel to eat, while on the other side there are people who can simply sit for the rest of their life, spend boundlessly each day and hardly dent their wealth. While the world, or at least most of the world is busy earning their own, Hyderabad has come up with an innovative yet effective idea to help those in need – Wall of kindness.

Wall of kindness is a charity initiative by the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) which is literally a wall where people can simply leave clothes, food, blankets, shoes and pretty much anything to help a needy person. Whenever someone, anyone leaves stuff on the Wall of kindness, the people in need can pick whatever they want, for free of course. Instead of walls in the city covered in pan stains, movie posters or political graffiti and advertisements, this wall helps the needy and homeless. Painted with “Take what you need and leave what you don’t” slogans, these walls actually paint a picture of kindness and promote donations.

The concept actually originated in Iran as a citizen-led project is popular even in Pakistan and has now found its way in India. Called as ‘Neki ki deewar’ the wall is covered with graffiti, colourful motifs and hangars, so people can leave items there for the poor to pick up. These walls have now sprung in different parts of India and are beautified with murals and graffiti. Kudos for the noble idea and may be even build one in your hometown?