With ups and downs, with tactics and gameplays – the Gujarat Rajya Sabha elections 2017, it won’t be untrue to be called as most attention-catching RS elections in the history of independent India. The much awaited results for the three seats of Gujarat state in the Rajya Sabha are out, so who won the crown of prestige?

On one hand, India was celebrating the 75th anniversary of ‘Do or Die’ movement and the same day, the motherland of the founder of independence era movement was turned into a filthy political battlefield – probably in its ugliest face of Indian democracy. Overlooking the irony, this year’s Gujarat Rajya Sabha election will be remembered for decades – not because of how epic it was, but because how crippled the whole idea of politics has turned out. So why exactly were the three seats hyped so much? In a nutshell – because of the candidates; Congress big gun Ahmed Patel, who was once the most powerful man in Delhi after Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh was directly facing the current most powerful man in Delhi after Modi – BJP President Amit Shah.

The election became such a cliff-hanger after both parties bitterly fought for winning one single Rajya Sabha seat so desperately. What should have been a butter-walk, eventually became an uphill thorny hike after 6 Congress MLAs joined BJP and Shankar Singh Vaghela rebelled the party for which he was suspended from Congress. Soon after that, Congress moved all their 44 MLAs to a ‘safer’ place in Bangalore to avoid their flocks from wandering away. The resort in which all Congress MLAs were staying was raided by Income Tax department and all MLAs were hounded.

And on the day of election – yesterday, two of the Congress MLAs cross-voted and allegedly showed the ballot papers to BJP leaders. The counting of votes was paused as Congress demanded disqualification of the two votes, which was later justified with a video proof and the voted were nullified. The country slept last night in the great India political saga where defection, money and muscle power to buy off political representatives was a daily-do, but the country wake up with the results – Amit Shah won the first seat, Smriti Irani won the second one and the last much-fought-for seat was won by Ahmed Patel, defeating all the putsch. Amit Shah became an MP for the first time but Patel regained his position in the Upper House of the Parliament. Despite victory in with two seats, the Chanakya party has reasons to distraught as they literally gave all their blood and sweat to win that third seat; but as they say it – nothing is invincible, not even Indian politics.