People have some sort of crazy connection with fancy number plates, so it’s almost normal to see people spending thousands just to get a specific special cool number plate for their vehicle. But can you imagine what would be the price tag on world’s costliest number plate? Here’s the hint – the cost will actually probably stun away even the Ambanis. Any guesses, people?

You may have seen people paying thousands or probably even lakhs of rupees to get that fancy number like ‘0001’, right? Do you think it is crazy spending so much money just for a vehicle’s number plate? Well, the price of world’s costliest number plate will blow your mind – it is for the registration number ‘F1’ and is up for sale in the United Kingdom. Ready for the price? It is 132. No, not thousands. Not even lakhs. It is crores. Yep. You pay Rs 132 Crore and the number plate with registration number F1 is yours. The question is what is so special about the number? Well, F1 stands for Formula 1, nothing much, eh.

The number plate is up for sale currently as the advertisement is posted by the number plate’s current possessor – a British man named Afzal Kahn, the owner of Kahn Designs which is a car customisation and designing company in the UK. Currently, the most expensive number plate is fixed on Kahn’s Bugatti Veyron after he had bought it earlier for Rs 10.52 crore. As per the advertisement posted by Kahn, the price of this F1 plate is set to be  only Rs 110 crore, but then, 20% VAT and transfer fee is applied and it adds up just about Rs 12 crore, you know.

Besides this, Khan’s many other number plates are also on sale on Regtransfers which is an official supplier of number plates. And, the clientele list of this website includes celebrities like David Beckham and Wayne Rooney. For now, the most expensive number plate sold on the website was ‘D5’ plate and it was bought by an Indian named Balwinder Sahani for Rs 67 crore! But nothing beats the 132, once sold. Oh and if you are wondering, it is legally allowed to sell number plates because citizens actually own the number plates and hence, can auction them or put it on sale. Loosen up those crores, if interested.