Most new android smartphones above INR 10,000 have a fingerprint scanner now. You typically use it to unlock your mobile, however, did you recognise that it is able to be configured for other features as nicely? here, we show you what extra you may do with.

  1. Lock down apps selectively

Regularly, you ought to secure access to your gadget with a fingerprint, password or pattern. In any case, now and again, there are numerous individuals utilising one gadget. In such a case, you might need to keep your Whatsapp, Photos, Calendar, Email Calendar, Email and so forth bolted with a password while permitting access to different applications, recreations, YouTube and Google search. AppLock – Fingerprint Unlock (by Cheetah Mobile) is free and contains no promotions. You can specifically pick which applications to bolt. Indeed, even settings like WiFi, Bluetooth utilise, app installs and telephone calls can be bolted too.

  1. Authenticate Google Play purchases

Free applications can be downloaded effectively yet with paid applications, Google will provoke you for your secret word – just to make that it’s really you making the buy. On the off chance that nobody else (read: no children) handles your android, you can make this task speedier. Open Play Store and go to the Settings by tapping the three level lines. Check the case that says ‘fingerprint authentication’. In the event that you have a put away the unique mark on the gadget, you can simply put your finger to finish the exchange.

  1. Your private journal

Keep in mind those old journals with physical locks on a side? Journey (free with in-application buys; by Two App Studio) is the application identical, secured with a password and fingerprint.

You can make passages in your Journal (up to 4 photographs or 1 video for each section) and have them synchronised over your gadgets utilising the cloud (Journey is accessible for Android, Chrome desktop, cloud and on WindowsMAC). It looks incredible in light of the fact that it includes a lot of computerised twists to your entrances: weather, geotags and social sharing options.

  1. Showing selective photos from gallery

Don’t you simply hate it when you pass your Smartphone to somebody to show photo and they begin swiping through every one of the images in your gallery? Caramel Apps, the creators of Solo Photo, feel your torment. You can choose a cluster of photos (or only one) that you need to show and open them in Solo Photo.

This will be locked with your fingerprint. At that point, you can securely hand over you mobile realising that your friend may have the capacity to see the photos you have permitted. The basic version is free, ad-supported and permits you some usefulness. To open every one of the elements (including the ability to select multiple photos at once), it costs $1.99.

  1. Keep passwords secure

It is a decent habit to have diverse passwords for various accounts and that you can have secret word vaults on your gadget to ensure access to these passwords. The secret word vault goes about as a safe place to store every one of your passwords, ensured by a single, master password.

Indeed, in the event that you utilise LastPass on Android, one of the main secret key administrators, you can likewise utilise your fingerprint as the master password and also to enter passwords (autofill) on known locales.

  1. Fingerprints as gestures

An app called Fingerprint Gestures (free with in-app buys; by SuperThomasLab) gives you a chance to utilise a put-away fingerprint to start certain activities. This is a component worked in on Google Pixel however you can empower it on other gadgets as well. You can utilise these signals to open an app, control music playback, activate the torch, change ringing modes, open notifications and so on. A portion of the motions will just work on Android 6.0 onwards.

Your prosperity with this may vary upon your specific gadget. A few gadgets have vast fingerprint sensors while others may have a thin oval – this is by all accounts the essential motivation behind why the motions work or come up short.

  1. Fingerprint as a camera shutter

A few devices have this component incorporated with the stock camera app – the capacity to simply tap the fingerprint sensor to catch a photograph rather than tapping the screen. Look through the settings of the camera app. If not accessible, you can add it to any Android smartphone with Dactyl (Rs 130 as the one-time buy; by Nick Yelito).

To ensure that it functions admirably for you (there can be such a variety of varieties in Android equipment) the designer has a free trial form that gives you 10 uses to check with your most loved apps.