Being one of the most popular messaging platform, WhatsApp tends to be vulnerable to hoaxes and rumours – one of them being the WhatsApp Gold, again. The old hoax about a premium version of WhatsApp has made a comeback, and it is nothing more than a bunch of virus-ridden link that you definitely must avoid.

WhatsApp Gold they say, is limited only for premium users and hence, tricks users into downloading the app to unlock all the special features. Some users have reportedly received an exclusive invitation to install a “limited” edition version of the messaging app, and is loaded with features like ability to have video chats, send 100 pictures at once, and delete messages after they have been sent back in 2016 – which is now available to all. However, the new comeback version arrives in form of a video claiming to be a new update for WhatsApp.

The video begins with something about “Martinelli” and then introduces to the premium version of the messaging app. But once any user receives the link for so-called “WhatsApp Gold” link to download and install it, they are redirected to website that is filled with malicious software and viruses that will hack the device; and some report claim that “nothing can fix that”. So in case you received some fishy video tagged as “martinelli”, it would be best to simply avoid clicking it, and instead, delete the message as soon as you receive.

There is no such thing as WhatsApp Gold, and any update will be directly available on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store so do not trust any third party lures. The basic and the easiest yardstick to spot such spammy links on WhatsApp is to avoid those labelled as “Forwarded”.