Krishna Janmashtami, which celebrates the birth of the god Krishna, an avatar of Vishnu, there is a superior approach to celebrate the event than by travelling to these unfathomable Krishna temples in India.

1) Dwarkadhish Temple, Dwarka

Krishna was prevailing by the great grandson of Vajranabh, who appreciates the righteous notoriety of having manufactured the present temple Dwarkanath, called additionally Trilok Sundar, meaning ‘the most handsome of the three world’. Many Hindus religiously trust that the temple was raised in one night by a powerful organisation, under Vajranabh’s heading.

Dwarka the central station of Okhamandal taluka is in the outrageous west of the Saurashtra promontory on the Arabian Sea. It is a station on the Ahmedabad-Okha broad gauge railway line, around 137-km from Jamnagar, 217 km from Rajkot and 378 km from Ahmedabad.

A state highway with Jamnagar and Okha likewise interfaces it. Closest aeroplane terminal is Jamnagar.

Dwarkadish Temple, Dwarka

2) Guruvayur Temple, Kerala

The account of Pandyan King building a place of worship here might be a reference to the Azhavars, however, they are on the whole quiet in their writing about Guruvayur.

It was Melpathur’s Narayaneeyam through which the Temple got publicity. The idea of Unnikrishnan advanced by Poonthanam, Kururamma, and Villwamangalam conveyed an ever increasing number of devotees to Guruvayur.

Guruvayur is all around associated with alternate parts of the nation by road and rail. The National highway is going through Kunnamkulam which is only 8 km far from Guruvayur. The private bus stand is towards the east of the temple, close Manjulal (the banyan tree). It is thirty minutes drive via auto from Thrissur and buses employ like round the clock from Thrissur to Guruvayur.


3) Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi temple, Mathura

The most acclaimed of Mathura’s temples is the Krishna Janmasthan Temple, worked around the prison cell where Krishna was born after his parents were imprisoned by his evil uncle, Kansa, king of Mathura. A standout amongst the most loved hallowed places in India, the temple complex is found west of Mathura’s old city and thronged by pilgrims throughout the year, whose number increase exponentially amid festivals.

The first temple was worked by Vajranabha, at that point later reconstructed by Vikramaditya. The temple is said to have been demolished and revamped 17 times in its history. Today the temple is a standout amongst the most every now and then visited by temples in India.

Devotees at the birthplace of Lord Krishna Janma Bhoomi temple

4) Banke Bihari Temple, Vrindavan

The Bankey Bihari temple, Vrindavan is among the holiest and popular temples of Krishna in India. Shri Swami Haridas got Bankey Bihari ji showed up in Nidhivan. The symbol of Thakur Ji is considerably more established and was worshipped in Nidhivan till 1863. This temple was developed in 1864 with the commitment of Goswamis.

Vrindavan is arranged on Delhi-Agra NH-2. The different buses keep running between the Agra and Delhi. the temple is 7 km. far from National Highway. Getting to Temple is simple as there are visit tempos and rickshaw accessible for the duration of the day. Mathura is only 12 km away. visit buses, tempos and taxies keep running amongst Mathura and Vrindavan.

Banke Bihari temple, Photograph Courtesy: Rajatdesiboy/Wikimedia Commons

5) Rajagopalaswamy Temple, Tiruvarur

The Sanctum Sanctorum of Sri Rajagopalaswamy temple was built amid his period thus it was broadly known as Kulottunga Chola Vinnagaram. There is nothing astonishing in this ruler in having assembled Vishnu temples since he as the crown prince has surprisingly the title as Saptama Vishnu Vardhana. Kulottunga I was likewise renowned as Raja Narayana. He was in charge of the development of the Sanctum Sanctorum, Ardhamandapam and the third gopuram moreover.

The temple is in the heart of Mannargudi town 28 km from Tiruvarur. Closest Airport is Trichy.

Rajagopalaswamy Temple, Tiruvarur, Photograph courtesy: Mlakshmanan/Wikimedia Commons

All Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons