You can now show your care towards our home planet by adopting a piece of Earth on this Earth Day. NASA has launched a dextrous online campaign which enables participants to assign their name to one of the 64,000 randomly selected spots on Earth as seen from the space.

Earth day will be celebrated on April 22 and in honour of the day, NASA has come up with a new interesting way of involving common people in the campaign. Anyone can adopt a 55-mile-wide chunk of Earth which will be allotted to each participant randomly. You just need to visit to get your piece of Earth; you can assign your

name to one of the randomly selected 55-miles of area. You will even get a personalized adoption certificate which can even be shared on social media.

As you can see below, I have managed to snag a piece of icy sea smack-dab in somewhere off the coasts of Antarctica deep in the Atlantic Ocean. That isn’t exactly the prime real estate but it’s still good way to raise awareness about shrinking ocean ice burgs.

Image Source: NASA

It is necessary to keep in mind, especially if you are hankering to acquire a piece of real estate, that you will NOT actually own the 55-mile piece of property and there are no legal ownership rights with this program, so behold and don’t get ready with “For Sale” signs. This is all about actually engaging people and making them keen and aware about what is going on in their adopted piece of acreage and allow them to share the information with anyone they want to.

And just in case that you’re bored with your chunk, you can explore the remaining 63,999 chunks on the Worldview website. To add up to the earthy treat, NASA is planning to live stream 4K view of Earth directly from the space showing the majesty of our blue marble. The live stream will be publicly available from 26 April here and will usher in a new age of live, high-res video from the International Space Station and beyond.

More than 20,000 areas are already adopted, don’t wait for Earth day because these little chunks are being taken like hot pieces of chocolate cake covered in whipped cream (yum!); get your piece of Planet before they run out! Let’s all adopt Mother Earth.