Traffic has become a global bummer, and to solve this, Elon Musk’s Boring Company has worked up to bring a solution as they introduced high-speed transportation tunnels which will allow vehicles to get to the other end of the tunnel within a blink of eye.

The high-speed tunnels will be able to provide high-speed transportation, and as a pilot experimental project, the Boring Company has introduced a 1.8-kilometer long tunnel in Hawthorne, California that was unveiled on Thursday. During the launch, a modified version of Tesla Model X SUV was released, which was able to travel at the speed between 64 to 80 kilometers per hour. However, Elon Musk claims that cars in this tunnel are capable of traveling up to the speed of 241 kilometers per hour safely.

The secret to the tunnel is that it is half the diameter as compared to the regular tunnels, which cuts down the air resistance and lets the vehicle move much faster – aerodynamic basics. But this will also mean that for any electric vehicle to be able to cross such tunnels, they will need to be fitted with an alignment device in the tunnel. This alignment device is equipped with deployable wheel gears on both sides of the car’s front bumper, which will help the car to be on track and prevent the car veering off. This alignment device is necessary and will be compatible with any electric cars and not just the Tesla cars.

With its ultra-speed transportation, this project will help to get over traffic jams and might set a new step towards the Hyperloop transportation. Musk has noted that this project is getting a lot of interest and a lot of attraction from the people. He also said, “We have more demand on tunnels than we can satisfy”, giving a hint to implement more tunnels like this or even better. Steve Davis, CEO of The Boring Company says that this startup receives more than five and less than 20 requests per week from the municipalities and different stakeholders.