No, there are no threats of asteroid attacks anytime soon, it is just that the focus is shifting (temporarily) from how to live beyond this planet, NASA has released a document that reveals its strategy to protect our planet from any probable asteroid attack that might occur in future.

Space is a scary hostile place, and our home planet protects us from all that might jeopardise life sustenance on Earth – almost. But there have been times in past when objects from space have crossed the protective barriers of Earth and entered our safe sanctuary – causing life damage most of the time; for example, the end of dinosaur era. To ensure that humans don’t end up with the fate of dinosaurs, NASA has presented a protection plan against a probable danger to Earth by near-Earth objects (NEOs) like asteroids and comets, whose orbits range within 30 million miles of Earth, NASA has recently released a federal planning document.

Titled as “National Near-Earth Object Preparedness Strategy and Action Plan”, the idea is brainchild of NASA in collaboration with the Office of Science and Technology Policy, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and several other governmental agencies. The 20-page document that might save humanity from asteroid attacks in future consists of five major strategic goals which need to be met by preparing and implementing a protection plan for it in advance. Basically the idea is to guide federal government to organise and coordinate its efforts to meet with any accidental NEO attack during the next 10 years.

Now NASA says that the probability of occurrence of such an event is very low but risk is always involved and we cannot just sit around and neglected the possibility of such an event that might be a massive disaster – if not the end of human age. The plan is to enhance NEO detection, tracking, and characterisation capabilities; improving NEO modelling prediction, and information integration.  Also, since just detection of such possible event isn’t enough, the plan guides us to develop technologies for NEO deflection and disruption missions, increase international cooperation on NEO preparation, and establish NEO impact emergency procedures and action protocol according to the statement released by NASA. All this, for a safe planet to live on.