The same goes valid for Kangana Ranaut, the ‘Queen’, whose beautiful abode was as of late highlighted in the Architectural Digest. The 31-year-old National Award winner who ordinarily avoids online networking has been in the news for a few reasons of late.

Take a look at some of the glimpses of her floors that is inevitably awesome.

The elegant view of balcony that faces to some of the beautiful art of nature will enhance your day when preferring coffee on it. Not just single, the dining table shows that a group of freaky people will enjoy here too. Afterall, Kangana has beautiful minds which will make this place more pleasure to live.

We love the wall in the living room. (Photo Courtesy: Architectural Digest)

Typically it is drawing room in common sense, but when you zoom and look at it carefully, there are many things that are uncommonly placed in this room. From orange pots to moving carrier that carries variety of fruits & nuts. The cushion collection will definitely make you lazy and sleep once you spare time on it.

The blue door to heaven. (Photo Courtesy: Architectural Digest)

Basically, that blue door leads to heaven! and balcony on another side will show the perfect sunset point. That sensitive pot is not just table piece, it will illuminate whenever necessary. The Art of Painting on walls is just irresistible and each & every piece is imported.

Now that’s what we call a dining area. (Photo Courtesy: Architectural Digest)

By looking at dining table, it gives traditional feelings to one, when taking lunch or dinner. The majestic art that is located on the covering wood maintains your privacy in an innovative way. The colours in your minds make it more relish when you take food.

Looking gorgeous as she strikes a pose in one of the corners in her house. (Photo Courtesy: Architectural Digest)

Giving pose in one of the corners, she perfectly matched the colour combination of room and her. Wooden carved tables and chairs with same featured door is cherished enough to make your day.

Kangana’s favourite part of the house – the bedroom. (Photo Courtesy: Architectural Digest)

And that’s the bedroom which every couple or single needs badly. What else you need when sunrise just directly to your eyes. Even, this room possesses the pieces of art of her artistic nature.

Every girls dream: A walk-in cupboard. (Photo Courtesy: Architectural Digest)

It’s every girl dream to have a walk-in dressing room where you can try and change as many outfits as you want. You get the enough space to roam, to have cat-walk also. You can hang it your way and still it don’t need to have iron polish.

Image Source: Architectural Digest