Are you an Indian IT professional, engineer, doctor or nurse? Here’s some good news. The United Kingdom administration is looking up to introduce new immigration rules that might open up thousands of new slots for non-EU, and specifically Indian techies, doctors, engineers and nurses.

While the new yet-to-be-introduced immigration and visa policies in the UK has been a jolt to Indian students, who are excluded from a new list of countries considered “low risk” in order to facilitate an easier visa application process to UK universities – there’s some good news for Indian professionals. The UK Home Office has scheduled a Parliamentary meeting for Friday, which will be table the new immigration policy that includes a new list for relaxation of the Tier 4 visa category for overseas students from around 25 countries; from which India has been excluded. The changes will be effective from July 6 and Indian students applying for courses in the UK might face rigorous checks and documentary requirements.

However, the UK is facing skill shortage of paramedics and nurses in the country – and to address the shortage, government announced that doctors and nurses from countries outside the European Union (EU) would be exempted from its Tier 2 (General) visa limit. Which means, all these doctors and nurses who will be exempted from current monthly quota of 1600 for Tier 2 category will be freed up for professionals from other fields – henceforth generating thousands of new slots for skilled professionals looking to immigrate to the UK with work permit. In fact, a total annual cap of 20,700 visas which is take up by doctors and nurses will be free now.

Besides medics, the UK is facing an acute shortage of professionals in areas like IT, engineering and teaching. To overcome these shortages in the country, the new immigration policy is likely to ease the visa regime for businesses who want to hire foreign talent. The new visa rules will then allow an unrestricted number of non-EU professional to enter the UK, including professionals from India. The new policy might also open up doors for “exceptional talent” to the UK, which will include fashion designing pros to the mega-sized fashion industry in the country.