Digitalisation is everywhere, be it bank transactions or buying fuels and apart from cashless transactions, it is all about Aadhaar card. Not leaving our air travel, the government is looking forward to roll out a digital system for airport entry and air travel which will only require customer’s mobile phone and Aadhaar card.

Under the ‘Digi Yatra’ initiative, the civil aviation ministry is likely to make boarding pass and security interactions digital and that the whole air travel experience is completely digital. So basically, the payments for air tickets will be digital, boarding and security passes will be digital and there will be no paper work. There will be no need of any paper documents and each traveller will be identified via their Aadhaar card number, passport or other valid document.

The Minister of State for Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha on Friday said that they are working on the initiative and also said that, “We have a working group established and we are very hopeful of rolling out some of these in the next few months”. Meanwhile, Sinha said the ministry is in the process of coming up with an approach to have a no-fly list that is based on safety. “If passengers behave in an unruly or disruptive manner and endanger the safety of all of us in an aeroplane, then we will have a way of ensuring they are not able to fly and are appropriately dealt with.”

The government has also planned to have a no-fly list to avoid instances of unruly behaviour by some passengers. This initiative is expected to be implemented in few months. So keep your mobile phone charged up and you Aadhaar card handy yet safe because you might soon not be allowed to board the airplane without that. I wonder what will happen if after all the ‘digitalization’, the internet goes down for even an hour? Or the AI takes over and decides to destroy humanity? Or what if it is as simple as ‘No Signal’? Uncanny! Cash is good. But now, cashless is better and digital is better because they are ‘modern’. And India is eventually digitalizing, the Digital India.