The #MeToo movement has taken entire India by a raging storm as women openly came forward and shared their experiences of sexual harassment and molestation, usually done by their bosses or male collegues in power. And the most high-profile name that came up in India media industry is that of India’s very own Harvey Weinstein – journalist-turned-minister MJ Akbar. But after decades of treachery, time is up for MJ.

A total of nine former women subordinates to MJ Akbar came up and narrated the harrowing stories of sexual harassment and predatory behavior by MJ – the then Editor of prominent media houses like the Asian Age and The Telegraph. Not only has this opened up the darkest closet of MJ Akbar’s life, but also undresses the shameful common situation of how powerful bosses misuses their positions. While “bold” and quite ironically, female minister Smriti Irani, might call him a “gentleman”, the relatively supportive and sympathetic #MeToo movement might uproot the powerful predators.

It almost seems like the beginning of “time’s up” revolution for such predators even as society is finding ways to scramble them down — both legally and socially. And the newly found aggressive yet not-violent and non-tolerant movement by women is the best found resort to rest the assault of their private space comprising both body and mind. And the best part about #MeToo is that unlike rape cases where victims are accused of wearing “inappropriate clothes” and staying out at “odd hours, the shame is now being directed at the perpetrators rather than the hapless victims. This is an enough encouraging factor that is eventually penetrating the corners of the stereotyped Indian society for true emancipation of women from regressive social shackles.

With the amount of pressure bulldozing for the beleaguered “Super Editor” and now Minister of State for External Affairs in the NDA government, the viable and demanded solution is to pull off a voluntary resignation before the flood of charges draw him away anyway. The time is up for MJ Akhbar and the time is up for all alike. Silent – no more. #MeToo.