The Indian edition of dating app Tinder now has added a new feature called “My Move” ensures security by giving addition layer of security to female users by letting them be the first to start conversation after approving.

A swipe is not enough to start conversation with a female match found on Tinder in India as the app has launched a new opt-in setting called “My Move” that allows women the choice to exclusively send the first message to their matches. So far, the app allowed both parties of a successful match to first swipe yes on the pictures for approval and start the conversation right away. But concerned about privacy and security, the app has now introduced an extra layer to give more control to women with the My Move feature – which can be opted in and out by female users.

The new feature was being tested since several months and it is now officially launched across India; and is currently available just in India. Tinder plans to plans to spread it worldwide if the full rollout proves successful in India. However, the dating app is still frowned upon, considering that India is an extremely diverse and ethnically-divided society, where arranged marriages are still the norm. Also, concerns regarding women’s safety raises as the number of rape and sexual violence incidents are continuously increasing in India.

However, Tinder and many other dating apps like Bumble hold huge markets in Indian cosmopolitan cities like Bengaluru and Mumbai – which happens to be the company’s biggest markets in entire Asia. And Tinder India’s chief Taru Kapoor believes that these efforts will attract more women to the app by making them feel more comfortable and secure.