The intensely destructive cyclonic storm ‘Titli’ has strengthened itself by Wednesday and is about to move even fiercely and cause severe damage one more day. India and Bangladesh being the targets of Titli, we need to take utmost care to avoid casualties and minimize the damage.

Passing over the Bay of Bengal, Titli has set some places at a high risk of loss. These places include Visakhapatnam, Brahmapur, Puri, Kharagpur and Kolkata in India; and Dhaka, Khulna and Chittagong in Bangladesh. Acting responsibly, Odisha government has already ordered for evacuation at required places and has also issued a list of warnings and advisory instructions for the people to follow, prior to, during and after the storm ends. Titli is expected to make a landfall at Thursday morning after getting as intense as it could get today.

Here are some advice/instructions one can follow to ensure safety and minimum loss before, after and during the storm.

1. Cautions to be taken before storm arrives:

Do not panic. Overlook all the rumors that you hear from people. Rather, keep listening to a radio or watch television. Keep weather updates by any available means. Don’t let your cell phones die. Keep their batteries charged. Prepare for the emergency by arranging a kit of essentials like food, clothes, etc. Don’t let any harmful/sharp objects lie on the floor/anywhere loose. Keep your cattle/pets untied so that they may not get caught if the storm arrives. Repair your house if required. Keep close to your family and stay in touch with all your family members.

2. Cautions to be taken during and after the storm:

If you’re indoors,

Let no live wires hang around. Switch off your main electric supply and keep your house shut. Keep the doors and windows closed. If your house is not a safe place to stay, leave as soon as possible and reach a safer place with your family and cattle. Keep yourself updated by radio. Avoid drinking unknown waters, insist on drinking boiled water only. ( To avoid any kind of epidemic to spread). Take utmost care in eating raw vegetables/fruits. Eat cooked food mostly. Keep up with the official warnings streaming through the radio.

In case you’re outdoors: Avoid entering any unknown damaged buildings, there are chances of such structures collapsing during the storm. Stay away from electric supplies, live wires, sharp objects, and don’t step anywhere in water. Get to a safer place soon. Special instructions for fishermen: Keep yourself updated with news by a radio set. Keep extra batteries with you. Tie your boats and rafts at safe places. Avoid getting into the sea till the government gives any further instructions.