As cyclonic storm hit Andhra Pradesh struggles to get itself together and back to normal after the Titli hit the coastal region last week, the celebrities of Tollywood have come up and donated money, coordinated in relief work and helped in rebuilding post Titli.

Titli had hit the coastal regions of Andhra Pradesh and eastern India last week, leaving hundreds stranded and affected. The state government has kicked-off immediate rescue and relief operations, and CM Chandrababu Naidu wrote to PM Modi, asking for a financial assistance of Rs 1200 crore to rebuild the Titli affected regions. Besides this, Naidu also called for public help for Titli rehabilitation from the people of India – and the first ones to respond were the celebrities and actors of Tollywood – the Tamil film industry.


Actors like Jr NTR, Vijay Deverakonda, Varun Tej, Manchu Manoj, Nikhil Siddharth and Navdeep stepped up either made generous donations, or contributed by joining relief works. Few actors and directors of the film industry contributed on the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Relief Fund – like actor Vijay Deverakonda donated Rs 5 lakh, actor Jr NTR donated Rs 15 lakh and his brother Kalyan Ram donated Rs 5 lakh. Actor Varun Tej also contributed Rs 5 lakh; Sampoornesh Babu was one of the few celebrities actually went ahead to lent a hand and also made a contribution of Rs 50,000 to the relief fund.


While some actors went ahead on ground with food, basic amenities, clothes and medications to help hundreds affected by the storm. Taking the help to another level, Manchu Manoj promised to adopt all children affected by the cyclone and provide proper education and called people to contribute and rebuild the state in distress. With all the active support, hashtags like #IStandWithAP and #SaveSrikakulam spiked up by the side of Titli victims.