It’s July 27th and tonight is the big night as the world will witness the rare and historic celestial event of the longest total lunar eclipse in the entire century. Know how and when to watch the rare magical blood moon event in India.

While some might catch up on the myths and beliefs related to lunar eclipse, most people would go up the terrace or glance out of their window tonight to speculate the longest total lunar eclipse of century. A total lunar eclipse aka blood moon will take place tonight and will last till tomorrow morning – making it the longest lunar eclipse in 100 years. And for all those who are in India, the entire country is centre-staged for the lunar eclipse and can be viewed from entire country – bet you don’t want to miss it now.

So here’s how and when to watch the eclipse. About how to watch – pick a proper vantage point from where you can see complete sky and just look up in the sky at the prescribed timings. About when to watch it from India, the eclipse will begin at 11:44 PM on July 27th, reach partial eclipse state at 11:54 PM and total lunar eclipse will begin at 1:00 AM on July 28th. The peak of the blood moon will be reached at 1:51 AM and the total eclipse will last till 2:43 AM. However, partial eclipse can be viewed through the night from 3:49 AM and at 4:58 AM – totalling to 6 hours 14 minutes of lunar eclipse session.

And if you are not in India, it can still be viewed from most parts of the world including – Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and South America – pretty much everywhere, except North America. While the sky is cloudy due to monsoon, there are good chances of glimpsing the eclipse are pretty high since it will last for almost two hours. That’s all.