Ten days after the Christchurch mosque terror attack, New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern has ordered top-level independent judicial inquiry through the royal commission to find out how a single man was able to kill 50 people, and whether the police and intelligence could have prevented the Christchurch attack.

After immediate tightening of military grade weapons, PM Ardern has now ordered an independent judicial inquiry to investigate into the Christchurch attack. As per the order, Ardern has called for a need to induct a royal commission, which is the highest, most powerful judicial probe available under New Zealand law to investigate how a single gunman was able to kill 50 people. The probe will also look into questions whether the security and intelligence services of the country could have prevented the darkest terror attack that has ever happened in New Zealand.

Speaking to reporters, PM Ardern said, “It is important that no stone is left unturned to get to how this act of terrorism occurred and how we could have stopped it”. Furthermore, Ardern added that, “One question we need to answer is whether or not we could or should have known more. New Zealand is not a surveillance state … but questions need to be answered”. Hence, the entire investigation will cover activities of intelligence services, police, customs, immigration and any other relevant government agencies in the lead-up to the attack.

The probe comes in the wake of the criticism that the New Zealand intelligence and spy agencies have received for “concentrating on the threats on Islamic extremism” in times when all the Muslims were the actual victims. The incident called for fixating the problem of white supremacy and racism rooted by the belief that Muslims were invading western nations. Hence, the royal commission inquiry was ordered by Ardern, who has been actively responsive and emphatic about the massacre.