The heart is the most delicate part of human body. It is concerned with most of the organs in the human body that works and pumps in a proper manner. The load carried by a heart is remarkable and so its utmost care is our top most priority in our health plans. But when one random research was carried out, a woman suddenly suffered from some common problem like being tired, hick-ups, feeling cold and stressed.

“Suck it up. You can figure this out, it’ll be fine,” she told herself. While taking a shower, she suddenly had a cough that felt odd to her. “It felt less like a surface-level cough—it felt deeper,” she said. “From there, everything was very slow motion. I was so tired with every movement. It was exhausting.”

She finally dialled 911 and paramedics took her to the hospital, simultaneously she started feeling hot even below normal body temperature. In no times, her heartbeats stopped and starts, the process continues which created confusion amongst the team of doctors.

Not only did she suffered a heart attack, but she went into cardiac arrest four times. Doctors put two stents in her heart to open up a blocked artery and she remained in the hospital for eight days as family and friends gathered around her, praying and wishing her a speedy recovery.

This type of cases is taken seriously in hospitals to take care of the better health of woman especially when it comes to heart. She is now fine and living normal life…