Finally, Bangladesh and Myanmar have agreed upon a deal and have finalized the ‘physical arrangement’ of repatriation of Rohingyas back to Myanmar within two years; and hence, the hundreds and thousands of Rohingyas who have fled from their homeland to Bangladesh after ethnic cleansing military ops in Rakhine state.

Back in mid-August, massive military operations were held out by Burmese army in the Rakhine state against the minority Rohingya community. These massive ops had forced the Rohingyas to flee from their homes and thousands over thousands of these people took refuge in the neighbouring country of Bangladesh. About five months since the massive, on Tuesday, authorities of Bangladesh and Myanmar held a meeting and have finalized the terms for ‘physical arrangement’ and have confirmed that the process of returning Rohingya Muslims to Myanmar will complete within two years.

However, there was no specification about when the process of repatriation of Rohingyas would begin. The statement of “physical arrangement” clarified that the Myanmar government will provide temporary shelter for those returning before rebuilding houses for them. As per the agreement, there will be five transit camps held in Bangladesh, which would send the Rohingya refugees back to two reception centres on the Myanmar side of the border – legally. And, Myanmar has also agreed to stop the outflow of any more of its citizens to Bangladesh.

About the verification of the returning refugees, a Myanmar agency will be set up which will oversee the repatriation on the border and another agency will take care of assessment camps and accommodation facilities of the returnees. The returnees would be allowed to apply for Burmese citizenship only after return to Myanmar after at least 150 people are repatriated in a day so that the process can be completed within two years.