A political crisis have taken over the exotic tourist haven island called Maldives, after the President of Maldives Abdulla Yameen declared a state of emergency and former president and two chief justices of the Supreme Court of Maldives were arrested today morning.

A tussle between the President and Supreme Court of Maldives has landed the island country in deep political crisis, leading to a state of emergency. It all started last week when the Supreme Court of Maldives ordered release of nine political leaders who were convicted as criminal and reinstatement of the elected members of Parliament – which would give out clear majority to the opposition party in parliament. In a bid to stop this, the Maldivian President declared a 15-day-long nationwide State of Emergency which grants him law enforcement sweeping powers and authority to suspend parts of the constitution.

After declaring nationwide emergency, the President gains power to arrest or detain people as per his will – hence, troops of military were deployed surrounding the Supreme Court, disallowing the release of nine political prisoners. This move from Yameen government has triggered protests among people and common people have started off street mobs. All eyes are now on the security forces deployed at the Supreme Court to see what will happen now, after the arrest of former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom and two chief justice who ordered the release of political parties will be arrested or not. This is all happening now because the country will soon be hosting presidential elections, and everyone is desperate to lock their place in the seat.

The political situations in Maldives are pretty ugly, however, President Yameen officially declared that during the State of Emergency, certain rights for the citizens of India will be restricted, but general movement, services and businesses will not be affected. Since Maldives is an archipelago of 1190 islands in the India Ocean – with most of its income coming from tourism, the political crisis will surely affect the country and its economy. Three countries including China, India and UK have issued warning for travellers travelling to Maldives, but the country has reassured that safety of all Maldivians and foreigners living in and visiting the Maldives will be ensured.