The ‘Boring’ Company has got some very interesting future plans to beat the traffic problems and since it is an Elon Musk venture, it ain’t no joke! And the Tesla CEO is known to bring ambitious and innovative solutions to current problems and this time he has something to ease out the ‘soul-destroying’ traffic!

On TED Talk, Elon Musk recently shared his plans with his new venture – The Boring Company of building underground roads and routes on a large-scale network of tunnels filled with high-speed ‘sleds’ which are electrically powered car carriers. The sleds will slide the cars in underground tunnels and will be capable of ‘rocketing’ the cars on fixed paths at a speed of 124mph or around 200kmps. At that speed, the intra-travel time will be cut-slashed by four to five times.

The idea is that a car would drive onto the sled platform at street level and would then be lowered through the road down into the tunnel. It then speeds off and merges with other tunnel traffic autonomously. As the Boring Company launch video shows, cars of various shapes and sizes can queue up to use the platforms, allowing a much quicker crossing of the city than would be possible by fighting through surface traffic. These tunnels can me multi-layered to as many as 30 layers one on another.

This idea hit Elon Musk after he was frustrated with Los Angeles’ heavy traffic. I wonder what will he think of building if he ever faces the Indian version of traffic. The Boring Company is the latest in a long line of wacky ideas that are awaiting to come from the mind of Musk. Although there is no word about when these tunnels can be ready to roll-out on large scale but a demo version is being constructed in the car park of SpaceX office in California, but more permissions would be needed to extend it even more.

And if you are wondering about the name, well it is ‘Boring’ company because they bore grounds; bore as in drill up the grounds. So it is not the boring as in monotonous company!