The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has launched a new web application for all DTH and TV cable users to select channels they want to watch and preview the rentals for their selection – taking the new framework of “pay for what you watch” to another level.

The TRAI web app lists out all channels including the free-to-air, paid, SD, HD, regional and default TV channels along with their subscription rentals. Users can simply visit the web app to get a detailed preview of new subscription packs and prices, even before the actual roll out of these plans. The app also comes with a feature called the Channel Selector Application, which will help you in picking the best suitable subscription plan and also brief you out about the estimated rental for the channel selections you made.

To get an estimated costs, all one needs to do is visit the web app, pick channels of your choice and the app will generate a monthly rental through a mock subscription. These estimated monthly rentals for DTH and TV cable users include components like network capacity fees, GST tax, FTA, SD channels etc. The app has an optimisation service which could help subscribers reduce their TV bill by making suggestions to add or remove TV channels as per your preferences and previous selections. The total monthly estimated rental is then shown at the bottom, along with the list of channels chosen by the user, and the list of free channels that are mandatory.

However, this app is currently live for trial-run and to actually subscribe to the selected package, users will still need to contact their service provider. TRAI has also clarified about new regulatory framework that is to be implemented from January 31st that, consumers can choose channels on a-la-carte basis for the base pack of 100 SD channels, that costs Rs 153 (including tax) and then add extra paid channels as per their choice.