Telecommunication Minister Manoj Sinha announced that the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, popularly known as TRAI will soon be renamed as DCRAI that is, Digital Communications Regulatory Authority of India.

A day after the Union Cabinet approved the National Digital Communications Policy 2018 that is designed to achieve ambitious targets such as $100 billion worth of investment and 40 lakh new jobs by 2022, the Telecom Ministry announced the change in name of India’s telecom watchdog TRAI. Since the new policy will focus on bringing new digital technologies to India’s massive telecom market, the highest telecom authority of India will now serve as a digital communication regulator – foreseeing the future digitalisation in telco sector.

The number of mobile phone users have multiplied across the country and 1 lakh mobile towers in 2006 have grown to 4.71 towers today. Even the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) are showing interest in the billions-worthy Indian telecommunication sector that still holds room for improvement. In fact, the government is working on bringing the latest 5G technology in India soon and a high-level 5G Forum has recently submitted. However, bringing the fifth generation 5G network will need intensive infrastructural changes and addition of hundreds and thousands of tower.

Since 93% of data transmission is currently made digitally, the Centre has recommended changing name of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) to DCRAI (Digital Communications Regulatory). Manoj Sinha also said that the name change will come into effect soon. The Centre has also proposed a renaming of the Telecom Commission, the highest decision-making body for the telecom sector, to the Digital Communications Commission (DCC). Perhaps, this is the closest we can get to digitalisation, as of now.