Amid the ongoing debacle between the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) and Apple Inc. over introducing the “Do not disturb” feature on Apple iPhones, TRAI has given six months of time to the tech giant to introduce the feature in India as per the revised rules or the authority might cancel iPhone’s license in India.

If you are an iPhone user, and if the TRAI has its way on what it says and Apple remains stern on what it does – iPhones might become useless in India. Since past few months, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) and Apple Inc. have been in rift over the issue of Do Not Disturb (DND) app by TRAI. The app focuses on providing users the capability to block spam calls and messages through the app and protect privacy of users; and ironically, Apple refuses to allow the app on App Store – for privacy concerns.

The matter took serious turn when TRAI notified that all company holding license for its smartphones to be registered on Indian networks are required to allow the prescribed DND app. And if any company fails to do so within six months, all of such devices might be “derecognised from Indian telecommunication networks”. On the other hand, Apple has not allowed TRAI’s DND app on App Store as it requires access to call history and message logs in order to send reports to the agency. If both TRAI and Apple keep their stands unchanged, it might end up as a disappointment to almost 10 million iPhone users in India.

However, the hope is that Apple was reported to be working with the telecom authority to develop its own version of anti-spam system. Albeit there has been no update yet, it could be the solution that can help Apple from getting its iPhones becoming useless in India. Another hope comes from the revolutionary iOS 12, which is said to have its own “spam reporting” feature – it is yet to be seen if the new iOS 12 feature complies with TRAI regulations or not. Also, it is logically unlikely that Apple will ever-so-easily let its 10 million users face such a disappointment.