New Delhi: Considering call drop issues in the country, TRAI is in a mood to update its quality of service parameters focusing voice and data services by telcos. Improvement is necessary for call drops, voice and data to provide a consumer with a better service.

“We’re reviewing and relooking at the quality of service norms themselves, whether this 2 per cent global (call drop rate) is a great idea or can we make it more customer friendly,” RS Sharma, chairman of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, said on Thursday.

“The new technologies that have come, like VoLTE, they have different names for some parameters, so, we have to prepare an equivalence mapping so that outcomes of the parameters (can be mapped) agnostic from technologies,” he added.

Consequently, there are several changes taken in norms which will be applicable soon in tariff rates. Review in the quality of service was necessary step to be taken even in future, is now taken in time to improve connectivity. TRAI has encouraged the government to trade the law to enable a recourse for consumers, which falls below the regulator’s purview, as the second direction.

On other side, Supreme Court has dropped penalties for telcos that was issued earlier by TRAI for call drops in last year. The ultimate aim is to make data and voice more transparent through myspeed app, analytical portal and telco-based drive tests.

“Interestingly, new technologies have come like VoLTE which have different names for some parameters. So, we have to map them so that the service quality parametres… are equivalent for all technologies,” he said on VoLTE improvement task.

“There are many tariffs that are filed. Each telecom service provider files multiple tariff plans,” he said while talking about OTT.

Applications like Jio4GVoice on Internet-based call and messaging are termed as ‘Over The Top’ services in which TRAI has has consulted earlier, according to Sharmaji.

We have not done any fresh consultation. The consultation we had done, at that time, was looking at the regulatory imbalance between the OTT players and telecom service providers… after that, issues like Net neutrality and differential pricing came up,” he said, adding that the authority is yet to take view on the OTT issue.

On TDSAT’s direction to the regulator to re-have a look at issues regarding the approval that is granted to Jio on free offers, Sharma stated TRAI has spoken back to TDSAT.