Constructed in a short time of 18 months, the train 18 is all set to give a tough competition to Shatabdi,

India’s fastest train till now.

The self-propelled, engineless train is equipped with best mechanism possible and has been constructed at integral coach Chennai (ICF), under ‘Made in India’ initiative at a total cost of 100 crores. Comparing it with the super fast Shatabdi, train 18 is fifteen percent faster than Shatabdi, and contains 16 coaches. Fully air-conditioned train 18 is all self driven by an aerodynamic driver cabin at both ends. All the components of train are articulated together by a digital communication system set up within the computer units of the train.

Flaunting the color scheme of white and blue, indicative of Indian railways, train18 gives all the feels of a classy bullet train, and is capable of running at a speed of 160 kmph. Not only this, but there are fully sealed inter-coach gangways to block dust and noise entering into the air-conditioned compartments. Talking about the doors, the train will have inter-compartmental automatic doors, that are touch free and operate on their own. There are plug doors with sliding steps to close the gap between platform and the coach.

Also, the train is designed in a special way to let the passengers be able to look at the driver’s cabin anytime. The train rides are going to be pretty entertaining as they will have an inbuilt infotainment system and high-speed wifi connection inside the train. A GPS based system is set up in each compartment, enabling one to know about the train speed, navigation, etc. All coaches are equipped with passenger bays specially for the disabled people and there will be disabled- friendly toilets as well. Talking about the seating comfort, the seats are going to be pretty comfortable, with large enough luggage racks and window blinds.

The lights have been put up in such a way that it doesn’t seem any less than an aircraft lighting system. One of the best features of this train is that the fittings and equipments are all arranged in such a way that they don’t occupy any space on the train floor, but are huddled together underneath, so that more area is available to the passengers. Seems as if the entire design of this train is inspired by aircraft, there are bio-vacuum flush toilets and sensor based fittings along with all the adjustments to make least and efficient use of resources, and optimal consumption of water.

The super comfort that these trains are going to provide will make even aircrafts envy its facilities as they’ll install individual pantries in each coach of train and also provide with the facilities for heating food and chilling drinks there. The seats are designed in such a way that one will be able to rotate them to 180 degrees and change the direction to opposite.

The train made it’s inaugral run at this Monday and six more train sets are planned to be tested in February to match the efficiency of their predecessor, train18. The ICF Chennai is planning to make more of such trains in coming years, if train18 goes well.