If you have rail travel plans on May 27, make sure to check the schedules as several trains have been rescheduled in Gujarat due to subway maintenance work.

The schedules of several trains will be affected on May 27 as the Railways will be taking an engineering block to carry out work of Limited Height Subway at unmanned level crossing gate 68 between Than-Vagadiya. A five-and-half hours’ block will be taken by engineering department of Rajkot division from 3.10 am to 8.40 am and trains passing by from that route have been rescheduled including three mail express trains and one passenger train will be rescheduled at various stations.

The Bandar-Jamnagar Saurashtra Janta Express, which will be rescheduled three hours fifteen minutes late from Bandra Terminus and will reach its destination – Jamnagar three hours late than its regular arrival time. Jamnagar-Surat Intercity Express scheduled to depart from Jamnagar at 04.45 am on May 27 will depart one-hour 30 minutes late from Jamnagar station. The Saurashtra Mail Express scheduled to depart from Mumbai Central at 11.35 pm on May 26 will be rescheduled one-hour late from Mumbai Central. From the Okha end, Ahmedabad Fast Passenger that begins from Okha at 10.10 pm on May 26 will depart 03 hours late from Okha Station. The Okha-Ernakulam Mail Express will depart 15 minutes late from Okha on May 27

Apart from the rescheduled trains, Madgaou-Hapa Mail Express scheduled to depart from Madgaon station at 10.40 am of May 26 will halt 2 hours between Viramgam-Vagadiya station on May 27 and proceed further towards Hapa. The Delhi Sarairohila-Rajkot Mail Express will depart from Delhi towards Rajkot at 13.10 pm on May 26 and will halt near Viramgam-Vagadiya for one hour. For more details, kindly check the Indian Railways Website.