If you are planning to travel to the US, chances that the whole process of getting into US is about to get a tad bit tricky. Because a new set of security measures have come into effect since yesterday, i.e. – 26th October, 2017.

These new protocols will be applied on about 2000 flights daily, from over 100 countries. Here are the changes:

  • As a passenger, you can be interviewed at check-in or the boarding gate. The “interviews” are intended to be short and security-related, and any passenger is subject to them. Singapore Airlines already reported it would field security questions to passengers at check-in and the gate, for example.
  • You might need to get to the airport earlier. Since short interviews may become the norm, Lufthansa, a German airline, recommends US-bound passengers arrive at least 90 minutes before departure.
  • Your personal electronic devices might be inspected. Singapore Airlines might also start inspecting cellphones, laptops, and other devices at security. Since the end of last year, the US has already been asking visitors to voluntarily declare their social-media accounts.
  • Some conveniences of travel—like self-check-in or city check-in—might be suspended. Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific announced it has suspended all in-town check-in features for US-bound flights. A downtown check-in, usually one of the big perks of flying out of Hong Kong, allows you to check-in far in advance of your flight (24 hours before for US flights).

So there you go, good luck with all the new protocols that will jeopardise your privacy and if you still want to go, well get going already.