US President Donald Trump could announce America’s pull off from the Paris Accord this week but when it comes to what Americans think about it, definitely not surprisingly they stand strong and support staying in the Paris Agreement.

Americans may be divisive when it comes to international policies and selection of leaders and their way of thinking and approach may widely vary. Republicans and Democrats are like two very different groups and it is not just about politics but also about the basic facts. But surprisingly, very surprisingly, there are few bright spots of bipartisan agreement on climate issues and somehow both most of both Republicans, Democrats and even the independents believe and support remaining in the Paris Agreement.

While Donald Trump may doubt if the climate change is real or he may soon pull off America by refusing to stand with the rest of G7 countries in support of Paris Agreement, 7 out of 10 Americans support remaining in the Paris accord as per the national polls conducted by Yale Program on Climate Communication. Which means more than half of self-identified Trump voters too want US to keep up with the climate agreement.

For those who don’t know what the Paris Accord is, (shame!) well it is a legally binding United Nations document which was signed by 195 countries and has been ratified by 147 countries so far and the agreement is about controlling the global climate issue. While it is true that the train to control climate has long past the station we are standing on, but still we can attempt to mitigate and alleviate the worst of the effects. And few countries like Russia and Saudi Arabia may have been ‘not excited’ about Paris Accord at some point but being not excited and shunning the agreement are two very different things. In addition to that, no other political or any leader have ever questioned about climate change being real. Can we not feel the heat, already?

Many international economists even fear that if USA pulls out, other countries too might follow but China and European Union which are two of the biggest emitters, have promised to stay firm with their commitments. And Trump’s decision of leaving the Paris climate treaty will surely be bad for the United States of America but it is not the end of the world, not yet at least.