US President Donald Trump landed in the United Kingdom yesterday, first to meet with British PM Theresa May and then met Queen Elizabeth of England, heading for a tea at Windsor Castle along with Melania Trump.

It has finally happened. US President Donald Trump met Queen of England – Queen Elizabeth II today, while on his trip to the UK. Perhaps, Trump’s visit in the Kingdom doesn’t exactly look quite free of gaffes and faux pas – especially with the Queen. To begin with, the Britons were so irked that 1.87 million of them signed a petition in July 2017 urging to prevent Trump from visiting the UK and henceforth embarrassing the Queen. Prior to Trump’s arrival in the UK yesterday, millions of Brits took it to the streets to protest and social media was rambled with #TrumpProtest.

Moreover, Trump walked ahead of the 92-year-old Queen Elizabeth while inspecting troops at Windsor Castle, did not bow to her when he first met and kept her waiting for 10 minutes in blazing English sun before arriving for tea. Luckily enough, he addressed the Queen quite politely (as per script) and the meeting went smoothly. Two days off, Trump’s four day visit is not a state visit with the formal trappings of a carriage procession and certain banquets, yet, it includes many hallmarks like the meeting with Theresa May and time of the sovereign monarchs of the United Kingdom.

In the next leg of the trip, Trump will head towards Scotland in the UK and finish off the four-day-long trip to the royal state. But, Trump is not hold meeting with Queen Elizabeth’s eldest son and William’s father Prince Charles, the heir to the throne. Because, well, Prince Charles is a keen environmentalist and we know what Trump stands for.