The relations of the US with India is availing the former has been keen on letting Indians in for administrative roles – and in the latest development, US President Donald Trump has nominated 3 Indian-Americans for pivotal posts in the American governance and administration.

Besides numerous occasions of Donald Trump showing joy to work with India and the work of Indians in country’s very administration, as many as 36 Indian-Americans were deployed in the Trump workforce only during the ongoing tenure. Some of the Indian-origins holding high-value posts in the United States and having dominating names in administration are Ajit Pai, Neil Chatterjee, Seema Verma, Raj Shah, Krishna R., and Neomi Rao – and not to forget the former US ambassador to the UN – Nikki Haley.

Adding to the list, Trump recently nominated names of three Indian-Americans – Rita Baranwal, Aditya Bamzai, and Bimal Patel for pivotal posts in the administration and submitted it to the Senate as senior nominees from The White House. On endorsement from Senate, Rita Baranwal has worked as Director of the ‘Technology Development and Application’,  Manager in ‘Materials Technology’ and is currently serving as Director, ‘GAIN’ initiative. With proficiency in areas like enhancements in nuclear technology research and management of nuclear technology infrastructure, she has been chosen as a nominee for Assistant Secretary of Energy, for overseeing the Office of Nuclear Energy.

Aditya Bamzai is a nominee for Member of the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board and has also worked as a law clerk. Federal courts, Administrative law, National Security law, civil procedures, and computer crime are some of the genres he writes and teaches in. He has also gained the expertise as an attorney-adviser. While, Bimal Patel nominated as the Assistant Secretary of Treasury, was a former partner and head of the Financial Advisory and Regulation practice in Washington, DC. Currently, he is the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for the Financial Stability Oversight Council.