U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin made a telephonic conversation to discuss the need of easing out Syrian civil war and increasing cooperation in the war-torn nation. The White House called it a ‘very good’ conversation and also the possibility of first face-to-face meeting of the two leaders is likely to occur.

Trump and Putin talked over phone about the much-needed peace efforts to relax the six-year-old Syrian civilian war which has gone far too long and has pitched Moscow and Washington into rival camps. The US and Russia have been grave-rivals ever since one can remember and even in the modern 21st century, the two nations have been intruding each other indirectly; of which Syria is the main ‘indirect’ battle pitch for both countries to prove their powers. But after the ‘unforeseen’ telephonic conversation, it looks like both the countries are thinking about working together over peace in Syria. Or is it just the tranquil before blizzard?

As per White House statements, “President Trump and President Putin agreed that the suffering in Syria has gone on for far too long and that all parties must do all they can to end the violence. The conversation was a very good one which included discussion of safe, or de-escalation, zones in Syria to achieve lasting peace for humanitarian and many other reasons.”. Many other reasons like what still remains a ‘sixty-four-thousand-dollar-question’.

The White House also said that both leaders agreed to set up their first in-person meeting in July during the International Summit in Germany. The two leaders said they wanted to continue such calls and were in favour of organising a meeting during the G20 summit on July 7-8 in Hamburg as per statements of the Kremlin.

Putin and Trump also discussed about how to best resolve the very sensitive situation with North Korea. (Kidding?) They also ‘discussed in length’ about working together to eradicate terrorism throughout the Middle East. (I don’t buy it). While White House stated it as a ‘very good talk’, the Kremlin characterised the call as “business-like” and “constructive”. It made no mention of safe zones.

It both US and Russia allies, a lot can happen and the face of world politics can change, in a good way probably. The talks over ending Syrian war are really important and must be implemented rather than just small talks.