With the bundles of foreign trips, one thing PM Modi has strongly fortified is his relationships with foreign countries and their leaders. On of whom is his American counterpart Donald Trump, who has sent his greetings to Modi through Sushma swaraj and their friendship back in spotlight.

At the ongoing UN General Assembly in New York, US President Donald Trump conveyed his regards to Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing everyone at the meeting on Monday. He told Sushma Swaraj, the external affairs minister of India, “I love India, give my regards to my friend PM Modi,” while exchanging formal greetings with her. Furthermore, Sushma was introduced to Trump by Nikki Haley as she warmly hugged her and conveyed her greetings for India and the Indian Prime Minister.

Modi has been a friend to former president Barack Obama as well and the changing of president doesn’t seem to create a trouble for us as he is close to Trump as well. Both Modi and Trump have mentioned and displayed their affection for each other several number of times in front of people. Earlier in 2017, the US president had mentioned his affection towards Modi. Again in February 2018, India-US ties were in discussion and the White House made a statement about the friendship of Modi and Trump saying that they share a ‘strong relationship’.

“The relationship with Modi is his (Donald Trump) relationship with Modi. He likes (him). You know he talks about other leaders too? The way in which he talks about a few other leaders that he just likes and gets along with, Modi is one of them,”  as Raj Shah, the White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary said.  Earlier Ivanka Trump, the daughter of Donald Trump and Ivana Trump made a visit to India and enjoyed a lot here in Hyderabad, which seems to be a positive sign of bettering relationships between Modi and the Trump family.