Giving in to the global outrage over the controversy of zero tolerance policy implemented at US-Mexico border that separated immigrant families and stranding children alone from their parents, US President Donald Trump has agreed to sign an executive order that will avoid family separations.

Donald Trump led US administration had implemented a border policy back in April, under which, adults who were caught to be illegally crossing the U.S. border with Mexico were jailed – this ended up separating thousands of children from their parents, stranded with nowhere to go. The “zero tolerance” border policy had landed into global controversy and outrage as the news in recent days were dominated with searing images of children held in cages at border facilities; and social media filled with audio clips of immigrant children crying to meet their parents.

All these stories have created a global social media meltdown, condemning the policy and calls to end the practice of forcibly separating children from immigrants poured down. The furore over family separation crept to White House – and after pressure from all quarters, including his wife and daughter, Trump has agreed to end the legislation that was supported just by Republicans. Trump will soon sign an executive order that will avoid family separations at the borders – that has the potential to end the “practice of torture”, which was framed by his own administration.

The executive order will be drafted by the justice department, and once signed by Trump, it will direct the Homeland Security department to  keep families together after they are detained crossing the border illegally. However, the signing does not affirm Trump’s stand on this because he still believes that ending the policy will send out a signal to illegal immigrants that things have loosened up and that they can make a beeline to the US border. Regardless of his personal stand, Trump has backed down and will soon be working on ending the crisis.