Donald Trump gave a speech on women empowerment addressing a Women’s History Month event to honour 13 women activists from world and Trump was actually not ironic about women empowerment this time, or was he! Well he at least best behaved during the speech which really counts. Charming!

Trump is known for his ironies especially when it comes to women when he targeted Hillary Clinton multiple times and not to forget Alicia Machado. And Trump was ridiculed on social media for his speech on women’s history. Addressing a speech at Women’s History Month event to honour 13 prominent women activists from the whole world, Trump seemed to be very well behaved and “self-controlled”. For all intents and purposes, Donald Trump delivered a metered, not too terribly offensive speech with less repetition, hyperbole, and bluster than usual. And that is so, so good!

The 13 women presented with State Department awards included Jannat Al Ghezi who works for an organisation helping domestic violence survivors in Iraq, and Veronica Simogun who runs an anti-domestic violence organisation in Papua New Guinea. In contrast to Trump’s array of offensive, misogynistic remarks about women in past, this time he actually praised a string of women who have helped to shape American history. Yeah, seriously. Critics will be like, hello? That’s Trump, but people change sometimes, you see.

Trump addressed Susan Anthony and praised about her contribution to America and her dream of a much more equal and fair future. Trump also added, “From the untamed frontiers of the western plain to the skyscrapers of Manhattan, American women in every generation have shown extraordinary grit, courage, and devotion,” he said. “Only by enlisting the full potential of women in our society will we be truly able to, you have not heard this expression before, make ‘America great again.’”

That’s something new from Mr Trump, something more on the positive side, be it phony but it is a fact that he has talked nice about women yesterday. Seeing more of these would be appealing, ain’t it?