Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Jordanian King Abdullah II met on Monday and called for a ‘serious and effective’ peace between Israel and Palestine.

The classic (not in a good way) ever-toxic topic that has been meddling peace in Middle East – the Israel Palestine dispute. There have been talks, international interferences and diplomatic trials to resolved the dispute, but there seems to be not end to the bitter brawl. Leaders of two major Middle Eastern neighbouring countries – Turkey and Jordan met in Amman on Monday, and being concerned about Israel Palestine issue, Turkish Prez Erdogan and Jordan King Abdullah II urged for peace.

Both leaders called for the resumption of serious and effective negotiations between the Palestinians and Israel to end the conflict on the basis of a two-state solution to assure an independent Palestinian state with June 1967 borders and east Jerusalem as capital. Talks between Israel and Palestine have been stagnant since 2014 after US mediation failed, but now is certainly the time. Jordan is the only Arab country which has signed a peace treaty with Israel, apart from Egypt and its intervention in peace talks between Israel and Palestine will make more impact. Jordan is also the Custodian of Muslim holy sites in Israeli-annexed east Jerusalem. But after American intervention had failed and situations are still ever since; also the fact that Palestine is pretty pissed off after continuous one-sided negotiations.

Apart from Israel-Palestine peace, Erdogan and King Abdullah also talked about the importance of a political solution to the Syrian civil war. However, this is not going to be an easy job because all the diplomatic efforts to end to the conflict that has caused more than 330,000 deaths and displaced millions since 2011 have failed. But the two leaders welcomed trilateral talks between Jordan, the United States and Russia that resulted in a truce in three regions of southern Syria. If these two major issues are solved, Middle East has little to work on maintaining peace and will end two of the most dreadful Arab disputes – consigning peace for a better future.