Struggling to express yourselves within 140 characters on Twitter? Fret not, Twitter is considering the idea of doubling up its character limit from 140 to 280 so that the tweets can be more expressive, meaningful and elaborative.

Everyone is on social media, everyone uses Twitter – well, most of us, and some (like Trump) live on Twitter. The popularity of Twitter is because of the ease of conveying our ideas and thoughts which opens up to the whole world, the hashtag feature and probably the 140-character limit. Now the character limit feature seems to be fun, interesting and the reason of keeping Twitter fuss-free, or at least lesser fussy – to many precis lovers (like me); but it was pain-in-the-neck frustration for many. One can’t deny that expressing ideas get pretty tricky with a 140-character limit, especially it is something as important as delivering war threats to North Korea – one has to be elaborative, you know.


Looking at it, Twitter is actually considering to double up the space so that one can be more expressive and elaborative in their tweets. In fact, 280-characters feature has already been made available to a small subset 328 million users for testing and trial purposes. If the trails receive affirmative response, the character limit will be doubled up for all users and Twitter will be pretty spacious. How well will this space work? No idea. It is a small change, but it a make huge difference. For example, it would mean twice as much Trump, imagine that huh?

But somehow, I personally feel that there is an enjoyment in cramming down what we want to say into a box of 140 characters – it feels like an art. You know, like if you are anxious about something, say it in 140 characters (spaces and special characters included) – it controls the junk and the nuisance. If you are happy, wrap your happiness in 140 characters – lot less cheesiness. It is like talking up to the point, no nonsense. Although some of us manage to bring the cringe and pack it even into just a sentence, it is still minimalistic and bearable. It is like the essence of Twitter, but that could be just me, or not. What do you think about the idea of doubled up character limit for Twitter – is it a yay or a nay? Let us know in the comment section down below.