The microblogging social media platform Twitter, claimed on Thursday (April 5) that it has suspended 1.21 million Twitter accounts which were promoting terrorism and extremism in a time span of August 2015 and December 2017.

One of the main medium of promoting terrorism and extremism in today’s world is undoubtedly the internet – more specifically, social media websites. In a bid to counter the promotion of terror-content, social media websites are implementing various tactics and algorithms to curb the spread of such accounts and suspension of malicious accounts. On Thursday, Twitter Inc. rolled out its 12th biannual transparent report saying that since August 2015, till the end of 2017 – it has suspended 1.21 million Twitter accounts which were found to be promoting terrorism.

Surprisingly, Twitter mentioned in the report that it has suspended 274,460 accounts from July to December 2017 for violation of rules related to promotion of terrorism. Statistics indicate that these numbers show a fall of 8.4 percent from the previous reporting period and is the second consecutive decline – which is good news. Most of the accounts suspended in 2017 were flagged by internal, proprietary tools” and government’s reports on such violations accounted for only 0.2 per cent of all suspensions. It was also informed that 74% of the accounts were suspended even before posting the first tweet – good news, again.

Hence, with the report Twitter expressed a sense of satisfaction from their hard work since a year for making the social media platform an unsuitable place “for those seeking to promote terrorism” paid off and now the tendency has gone down. The cleaning drive which Twitter had started off since 2014, after facing criticism that it wasn’t doing enough to stop people who were using it with sinister designs of promoting extremism – is becoming successful and making social media more productive and void of any content that may harm the society.