Yes, it is about the almighty blue checkmark on microblogging website Twitter that indicates “Verified accounts” of celebrities and politicians. So finally, the words are spoken that the company is looking forward to open up the path to the “verification” to all, even to people like me, the poor schlubs.

The alluring, forbidden-for-all blue checkmark which has been one of the prime metric of Twitter social status confirming that yes, this actor or politician or internet icon or whosoever making a self-promoting post or a dick joke really is who they say they are.  The bigoted blue checkmark, as per Twitter, is meant to be a mean of identity, but what most people think about it is something very different. Common users believe the big blue tick to be a credibility that Twitter stands by the particular individual and whatever they are saying is great and true and authentic – but it actually isn’t. By that, Twitter accepts that verification is something that is very broken on this platform and something that needs to fix and that they need much more cohesive view on it – so make it available to everyone, problem solved!

Now, the company’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, says he intends to open up verification to the unwashed, 280-character masses – which means, opening up the path to the fabled promised land of verification to all. The path, that had standard which were notoriously rigorous, with many poor supplicants being sent away to choke down their unverified gruel. But yeah, that is about to change. Because Dorsey and his team are trying to develop a way to create a “scalable” verification program where people can quickly authenticate themselves.


So that is that from Dorsey’s live stream video from his blue-tick verified account on Twitter making the informal expression of plans regarding extending the verification accounts on Twitter. So soon, we might all be verified-provided we’re willing to share even more personal information with the company, anyway – creating exactly the sort of extremely loud and meme-based egalitarian society. And the hype about Twitter blue tick will be washed away in the loud virtual society. Yeah, that really is a dream.