Twitter was meant for people to socialize and enjoy the freedom of speech and expressing oneself, but let’s face it, everything comes with drawbacks and Twitter has become an open platform for the spread of hatred and abomination. To banish all the negativity, Twitter has introduced a feature that will inform the users when a reported tweet is deleted.

Whenever someone posts a tweet which violates the policy of Twitter, and someone reports that tweet, Twitter will have a look into that tweet and check if any of their policies is violated. In case of policy or privacy violation, Twitter will take proper actions against that tweet, or it may take down that tweet. Until now, no context was provided for whether any reported tweet was deleted and if deleted, why was the action taken. So any reported tweet would simply be gone with no explanation as to whether they were removed due to rule violations or whim.

But with the introduction of the new feature, the social media platform will provide a clear context around deleted tweets – including who deleted them and why. The message that the tweet was deleted at the behest of Twitter’s moderators will actually stay up for 14 days after the tweet’s deletion. And this message will be seen even when other users will search for a tweet that has been recently deleted. So basically, Twitter is not just informing the author of the reported tweet about its violation, but it will actually be publicised among anyone who looks out for it. This is a small change but , it will help in making Twitter’s services better and more transparent for its users.

Here’s what these Tweets will look like now.

— Twitter Safety (@TwitterSafety) October 17, 2018

Also, whenever a user reports any tweet, and if any actions are taken against that tweet, the reporter will get notified for that tweet action. Twitter says that this change will start rolling out to both the app and on in the coming weeks. This little change is one of the 100 major and minor changes and experiments that the social media giant has practiced since early 2017 to make it a better, safer and more transparent online platform for all.